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A tidy solution for your saddle-bag woes.

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Paul Barnard – Stoke St Michael, Somerset, United Kingdom

Steven Freeman – Swadlincote, Derbyshire, UK

Hi Pat,

My apologies for the really slow response in letting you know how I’m getting on with the Aeroclam storage kit.

I’ll get onto your site and write a review as I am very impressed indeed. Firstly no one even notices it and always presumes its part of my seat! They’re normally a bit shocked when I show them what it is. I currently only carry an innertube, tyre levers and some money in mine but it will soon be packed with the co2 canister and multitool both of which you recommend on your website. I really cannot be happier with its looks and practicality, a genius idea and execution of what I always thought was an ugly necessity but you have created something unique and aesthetically pleasing also.

Many thanks again for the responses beforehand and for also sending both top parts of the Aeroclam in order to get one which fitted my seat the best.

I’m recommending to everyone who comments to me about it.

Prologo Nato Evo TR



Chris Sutton – Kumeu, Auckland, New Zealand

I have been riding with the Aeroclam since September 2014 now.

Having been in the cycle industry for five years or so I’ve seen my fair share of ‘latest & Greatest’ products come and go. I consider the team and the product right up there in design style and usability.

I choose to carry my puncture repair kit under my saddle and like many found the traditional canvas bag to be ugly and outdated. Cyckit’s Aeroclam is anything but.

It’s easy to install and is integrated to my saddle [to the point where fellow riders hardly notice it], holds just enough for my needs and when packed right won’t rattle no matter what the road conditions.

My rides are all on New Zealand country roads, so the surface is all pretty heavy chip and a bumpy ride is always in store. However, the Aeroclam has stood up to all I’ve thrown at it and remained unscathed and watertight.

I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.


Paul Ward – West Auckland, New Zealand

Best looking product on the market and does everything you said it would.
Looks great on the bike!
With the canvas bag I used to take it off when I had the bike parked as it was ugly and ruined the aesthetics.
I bought the best looking ugly canvas bag on the market I could find.
Best looking product in it’s category on the market and made for the high end users.
It’s low profile makes it appear part of the bike….. like adding a spoiler to a boot lid on a car.
Aeroclam was easy to fit with good instructions and I managed to easily fit it with the seat in place.
All it needs is tail light or a place for a tail light.

Blair – Mission Bay, Auckland, New Zealand

Here’s some feedback:

Setup – setup is pretty easy.  Clear, illustrated instructions meant that I had the Aeroclam attached in about 15 minutes (would’ve been quicker if I didn’t try attaching it at night, in bad light).

Waterproof – the Aeroclam has kept my kit dry even in some pretty heavy Auckland downpours.  Not a drop of water has gotten inside.

Style – the styling of the Aeroclam is very cool.  As the name suggests, it’s ‘Aero’, so it tucks underneath the saddle, out of the way where it doesn’t cause any drag.

Rider experience – when riding I don’t even notice the Aeroclam is there.  My kit fits snugly inside so there’s no noise from equipment banging together which also means my kit is kept in good condition.  The Aeroclam is also securely fastened so it doesn’t move around when riding.    

Other peoples response – Most people don’t notice the Aeroclam until I’ve shown them and then they realize I don’t have a big canvas saddlebag attached to my seatpost.  Everyone I’ve shown likes the look of the Aeroclam and thinks it’s a great product.

Comparison to canvas saddlebag – canvas bags get wet, zips rust and/or break, attachment mechanisms break and they move around when you’re riding.  All of these are drawbacks of using saddlebags which the Aeroclam overcomes.  The Aeroclam is vastly better.

Anything the Aeroclam lacked – No, it does a superb job.



 Blair on Bike (1)


Tony King – Epsom, Auckland, New Zealand

Hi Pat, I’ve attached some images of the Aerocalm on my bike. Here’s a bit of feedback for you which you are free to use if it helps.

The P1 Aeroclam only took a few minutes to install ad sits on my bike as if it belongs there. It fits snugly up against the plastic housing at the rear of my Fizik Antares saddle. There is no chance of your legs coming into contact with the Aeroclam as it’s tucked away following the contours of the saddle.

I managed to fit a spare tube, a CO2 canister, the CO2 applicator and a small patch repair kit. The fit is very snug.

The Aeroclam has been ridden in a number of races since I made the purchase , The Tour De Ranges and the Around the Mountain Bike Challenge etc. There have been no rattles and through all my completed ride time the contents have remained dry. As the Aeroclam is plastic I don’t envisage any moisture getting in there. Cleaning only requires a wipe down with a wet cloth.

All in all I’m happy to recommend this product on the basis it works well for me.

Cyckit 1

Corin Douglas – Mount Wellington, Auckland, New Zealand

Corin has just purchased his third Aeroclam. I called around and fitted this for him as it was on a saddle we hadn’t fitted to before.

Fitting the Aeroclam was a piece of cake, instructions were perfect. Had it on in a couple of minutes. The look of it is just fantastic too. The old canvas saddle bag was so deep I couldn’t actually fit my rear light on the seatpost properly. There’s a heap more room for my light now as I have a tall long vertical light.
With the Aeroclam attached it’s so much more streamlined it actually looks like it’s part of the seat. I’m wrapped with the product. Thanks for the great service which is second to none.

Chris Hooper – MaGill, Adelaide, Australia

It does the trick Pat. No complaints at all.
Value for money is good. keeps things dry and out of the way.
It’s a tidy setup, maybe put catch on it for a light?
It’s waterproof and on my training bike so it gets used in all weather
The only other suggestion is maybe but some reflective tape somewhere on the back of the unit.

Prologo Nago Evo Tri 40

Roger Lacey – St Heliers, Auckland. New Zealand

Going very good with the Aeroclam as it’s been on the bike August 2014 now.
It’s a good bit of kit and draws a bit of interest.
Got caught out a while back and got two flat tires in a row but it’s not often that happens.
Keeps everything nice and dry and it doesn’t rattle as everything is jammed in there.
It has nice clean lines that add to the style and I don’t have this soggy wet bag when I clean the bike!

Saddle = Bontrager Affinity RL

Chad Matheson – Carlisle, North Western Australia

Chad originally ordered the wrong top section so I sent him out the P1 top section.

The Aeroclam’s going well Pat. Grown to really like it.
I’ve had quite a few remarks about it since I’ve had it so I’ve been passing on your details.
But it’s been really good.
I found it easier to unclip the bottom section load it then re-clip it back in.
Nicest and most compact saddlebag option I’ve seen on the market.

I’ve covered a lot of riding with the Aeroclam and just yesterday I rode the 236km 5 Dams challenge here in Perth, which involved quite a bit of rough road, the Aeroclam stays solid. It’s a fantastic bit of kit!

Thanks again for the new top section and rubber bits. Your customer service is exemplary!
San Marco – Regal

Richard Kelleway – Kangaroo Point, Queensland, Australia

The Aeroclam works good Pat, absolutely love it! I just put it on and it’s been trouble free. No problems whatsoever. It fits fine and does the job. As I say, it’s been trouble free since I fitted it in August 2014.

Evan Jones – Papakura, Auckland, New Zealand

Best thing since Sliced Bread?
This compact little saddlebag unit is way better than sliced bread.

Great piece of kit – bought it at Taupo and I did not even have to take the seat off to fit. Looks great – see attached photo. Maybe the next model could be slightly bigger so you could get two tubes in there, otherwise I totally recommend it.
Picture 7 (more…)

Justin Berman – Battersea, London, UK

Hi Pat, Hope all is well. Just thought I’d share my feedback with you, now that I’ve been using  the Aeroclam since June 2015.Without a doubt, it’s the best saddlebag/pack that I have used. I keep a tube, co2 inflator, co2 cannister, tyre levers, patches, tyre boot and a couple of adhesive bandages in there and have managed to pack everything in without the contents rattling about.I receive a lot of comments from other cyclists about it, all of them positive, and I have directed quite a few people to your website.Looking forward to seeing what the future holds for Cyckit, best of luck with everything and congratulations on a great product!Cheers,


Selle San Marco Aspide, Prologo Scratch Pro



Gary Knight – Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Hi Pat

Love the case, best I have ever used – holds everything I need, it’s discreet – doesn’t look like a dead rat hanging by velcro from under my seat. I am buying a new bike so I would like to buy another one! Can you remind me which version I need? I use a Specialized Romin Pro saddle, 155mm.

Many thanks


Carl Princehorn – Canberra, Australia

The Aeroclams been going well.
The challenge as you know is packing the content right but once I worked that out it’s been good.
With each sale we now email a series of short Youtube videos to display everything on how to install and load the Aeroclam. It’s easy!
Good product mate and it’s been operating well.
We haven’t had much rain but it seems to keep everything nice and dry.
Value for money is comparable to a lot of other products on the market and for me it provides a far more streamlined solution than a lot of others so that’s one of the key things for me.
The rubber latch is nice and secure and it seems robust so yeah, It’s good.
You’ve obviously but a lot of work into the product so It must be good to see it all coming together.

I found the latch was pretty tight to get over the buttons the first couple of times which is good because it’s secure but it has softened up slightly with a bit of use.

Specialized Toupe and Romin

Tom Allen – Brundswick, Victoria, Australia

Going great, it’s a great idea.
I bought one for my bike a fair while ago than bought another for my Dad.
They’ve been fantastic though.
I run my 23 tubes.
The look is great. It’s the best option by far because people are kind of sick of having the saddlebags swinging all over the place so they either go for the repair kits that sit in a bottle container, or put stuff in their pockets.
With the Aeroclam you don’t have anything swinging about, there’s plenty of room on the seat post for a light and you still have both bottle cages free which I appreciate for distance riding so it’s a great solution that works really well.
I’m surprised you haven’t had any competition for the hard case saddlebag?
It’s a great product.

Prologo Kappa Evo [P1]

David Arnold – Warragui, Victoria, Australia

We certainly don’t encourage off road use with the Aeroclams as they were designed for road use only. But it’s interesting to know where they end up!

I ride my bike two or three times per week over the dirt trails and it’s very handy.
It fits nice and is going very well on my Specialized Cross Bike.
I use my bike on dirt and gravel roads
I do about 250 kms per month and about a third of that is off road. I have to ride on the seal to get to the dirt
I’ve been using the Aeroclam since December and it’s been excellemt. No problems at all.
I did notice it wouldn’t close properly when i tried to put a cycross tire in there….I was trying to push the boundaries there.
Designed to a standard road tube.
Maybe something to think about if marketing it to Cycross riders.
I’m very happy with it and like the look too. It’s a nice sleek design.

Specialized Phenom Comp

Daryl Lai – Santa Fe Springs, California, USA

I’m in Love. Thanks Pat!Daryl Lai

Tristan Reddan – Yeronga, Queensland, Australia

Going really well with the Aeroclam Pat, it’s a great design!
Very cool and compact option the the canvas saddlebags.
I saw a good review in the Ride On magazine so got your details from there.
It a pretty neat idea and it frees up space on the seat post so I can run one of those Fly6 cameras.
You have to wrap up the spare tube to get it in there but it’s no problem really.

Saddle – San Marco – Regal

Marc Baynes – Adeliade, South Australia

First email from Marc

Hi Pat, I fitted my Aeroclam last night and i am so happy with the result, as some have stated on your website, you could be forgiven in thinking it was a part of the saddle.

As such i will probably order another in a week or two for my other bike, as that now looks crap with a standard saddle bag.

Once again many thanks Pat, i know myself how much R&D goes into these products as i myself am a mould maker and CNC Machinist.

What a wonderful product, i hope you have much success

and many sales.

One very happy customer.




 Second email

Hi Pat,

First Aeroclam is on my Ridley Noah, i can’t ride at the moment as a work injury put paid to this, second bike is a Cervelo RS and a lot more comfortable to ride but at the moment have just a canvas saddlebag and looks crap !!!. i was going to take the Aeroclam off the Ridley for the time being but couldn’t bring myself to take it off.

I just love the look and functionality of the Aeroclam Pat, you are truly on to a winner my friend. I will take another picture of my second bike with it on for your archives.

kind regards





Edward Olanow – New York, United States [Road Bike Review]

Worlds Coolest, Smallest Roadbike Saddlebag
Just got the Cyckit Aeroclam saddle bag recently and wanted to write in with some observations. It is without a doubt the sleekest form factor for a saddle bag that I’ve ever used. The quality of the construction is terrific, especially the way in which the bag can separate along the hinge to facilitate mounting and then later, loading. It took me a couple efforts to get the spare tire tube, mini tool, and co2 cartridge properly loaded but the YouTube video sorted me put in no time flat. The secret is to ensure that the mini tool is narrow enough to fit inside the saddle bag well. If not, the fit could be too snug. But, once everything is loaded properly, the case closes perfectly tight and more importantly, doesn’t rattle. It probably wouldn’t hold much else, but for my purposes, I just use the bag for flat and quick repairs.

In regards to the latch, it works well for me. The key is to wedge a finger in from the center and then just roll it left and right to unclasp the rubber strap. Easy peasy.

What I really love about the saddle is how great it looks installed. Sleek! My buddies at my LBS didn’t even notice that I’d had it on. Too cool. And I don’t feel anything rub against my thighs as I did with my old zippered saddle bags.
Finally, I would love to send out my appreciation to Pat and the team at Cyckit. Their customer service is second to none. I wanted a different colored fastener and they were eager to oblige. And their customer communication was near instantaneous. If anyone had any misgivings about ordering from across the globe, one needed worry at all. A top flight company with a great product and great staff at a fair price (delivered to the US for around 40-45 USD).

Picture 14Thanks again to them. And now, time to order another one for my other bike!

PS – included a photo of my bike below so you could see how it looked. Sorry if it’s hard to make out the saddle bag, but that’s just it…it’s hard to make out since it’s snug under the saddle!

James Causer – Adelaide, South Australia

I’ve have now had my Aeroclam for since June 2015 and very happy with the product.

I ride about 250kms a week and have not had a problem. It is so good my mate has also purchased one.

I was very please with the prompt replies I received to my emails.

Fitted it to my new Parlee dream bike [Fizik Aliante carbon braided saddle] and it looks the part. I use 25mm tubes and wrap them in glad wrap. I have no problems fitting what is needed into the clam.

Just after purchasing the clam, I had one of those bad runs of punctures, I had no problems opening and closing the clam. Tyre levers worked well too.
A good well priced product backed up by good service.

Jim Causer's image

 Fizik Aliante carbon braided saddle

Chris Cooper – Castalian Springs, Tennessee, United States


  1. Over the past 8 years it seems like I’m replacing the saddle bag on my roadbike yearly from worn out zippers to velcro that’s stops holding secure. I also don’t like weighting down my jersey pockets either with a Co2 , tubes and multi tool. A while back I decided it was time to replace my bag again after the velcro came loose and snagged my bibs. I started looking at all the options for a small compact bag for my Tarmac and came across the Aeroclam from Cyckit.

    The Aeroclam will hold 1 tube, Co2 and small air nozzle, 2 tire levers and a slimline multi tool plus it will never wear out.



    Picture 10

Specialized Toupe 

James Prosperi – Unanderra, NSW, Australia

Hi Pat

Fits well. I used the P1 on this seat. It’s the s-works Toupe 2015 143mm.

The gear fits tight inside but that OK. I am hoping I won’t need to access it much. Touch wood – averaging around 250-300 km per week I have only had two flats this year!!!

Anyhow. Here are some pictures to show how it looks on my s-works.

Goal achieved – it does not detract from the stealthy fast look of the bike.

Can send higher res if you like.

I have put a mate of mine who works as a mech in a Sydney based specialised dealer onto it. He thought it looked great.

I think you have a great product for the top end bike market where people what aesthetically pleasing additions – not a duffel bag hanging off their seat.

Cheers and thanks again


2015 Toupe S-works


Harrison Deal – Wellington New Zealand

Hi Pat

I first placed the Aeroclam on the Trek Emonda SL6 and then proceeded to put the second on my Trek Emonda SL6 Pro. Fits with the maximum desired aesthetics. Splendid quality and the best on the market. I’d recommend this to any cyclist seeking a durable non-rattling aesthetically pleasing saddle case. Just brilliant!

Trek Emonda Sl6 (2 of 2)

Graham Easton, Lincoln, United Kingdom

“After upgrading my Bianchi bike to a Bianchi full carbon one, i wanted a decent attractive saddle bag that didn’t give that tourism look. I researched the internet and came across the Cyckit Aeroclam. Although it could only be resourced from the other side of the world, it looked an ideal piece of kit for my new bike. After several emails with Pat, the inventor, of this unique case, i made the purchase for the Aeroclam P1. It was posted in NZ on the Tuesday and swiftly arrived well packaged, just 4 days later on the Saturday in the UK. Simple instructions for installing this are included and it comes with a pair of tyre levers too. I have a Charge Spoon saddle and it fits to perfection. It has that feel of a well made product and looks robust but discreet. It has enough room needed for a tube, co2, and tyre levers. Probably couldn’t fit much more in it, but its ample enough. I have taken it out for a decent ride and it has not moved from its original position and now looks to an integral part of my new Bianchi bike. Thanks Pat once again….”

From Graham Easton, Lincoln, United Kingdom