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The Aeroclams were initially designed for the Road Bike market but with much testing/strengthening modifications they’re a great addition to the MTB market – especially desired for their use with Dropper Posts being solid mounted and attached to the saddle rails only.
The only issue with using the Aeroclams on Dropper Posts is
Clearance MUST be Maintained between the rear wheel and the Aeroclam otherwise wheel contact will damage the Aeroclam FAQ NO: 2  ‘Wheel- Clam Clearance’

No Warranties for damage caused by Rear Wheel Aeroclam contact as this is the rider/user responsibility to ensure sufficient clearance on installation.

Saddle Aeroclam Combinations:

Below are just some of the 184 model/brand saddles the Aeroclams fit so far.
There are of course many more than the 184 brand/model saddles the Aeroclams fit that we haven’t yet fitted to.
Any enquiries please email Pat:

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