UNIVERSAL SADDLE FITTING – It’s been challenging designing a ‘one fits all’ universal Aeroclam.  In the end, two top sections [the P1 and P2] were designed to accommodate the majority of Road/MTB  saddle brands and models on the market.

The difference between P1 & P2 is the contour on the top edge of the top section of the Aeroclam [Please check imagery in FAQ NO: 5  https://cyckit.com/faq/]. While the P1 fits more saddle brands and models, the P2 fits nearly all the Selle Italia saddle range + of course many others. There is much ‘crossover’ between the 175 saddle brands/models the P1 and P2 Aeroclams fit [Please check FAQ NO:1 https://cyckit.com/faq/]. These are just some of the more popular saddle brands/models the Aeroclams fit.

The Aeroclams fit virtually all the conventional saddle Brand/Models and we’re continually updating the FAQ NO:1 page as customer information comes in.

CAPACITY IS EXACTLY THE SAME –  between the P1 and P2 Aeroclams and all the Aeroclam halves interchange.
The Smaller Bottom section [One Tube, CO2 Canister, X Two [supplied] Tire Levers, an Inflator and Slimline Multitool]  and Larger Bottom Section[Two Tubes, Two CO2 Canisters, X Two [supplied] Tire Levers, an Inflator and Slimline Multitool] swap out on seconds making preparation for long/short rides quick and easy. The Aeroclam halves are also available in White so the halves can be mixed up to colour code  Black & While saddles.


* Generic Fitting – 181 different saddle brands/models so far FAQ No: 1 https://cyckit.com/faq/ There will be many more we’ve not yet fitted to

* Small and Large Bottom Sections that Swap Out in Seconds

* Material Won’t Rot or Degrade

* Designed to be Watertight [and is].

* Solid Mounted – No Annoying Movement

* No Zip to Jam or Break + Replaceable Rubber Latch & Clip

* Quick Easy Access to Content 

* No Bodily Contact

* Tough UV Resistant Injected Plastic

* Quiet in Opperation

* No Paint Rubbing Velcro Straps to Wear & Break

* Attaches to Saddle Rails Independently so can be Used on Dropper Posts

* Easy to Clean 

* Unique Innovative Aero Styling – Designed to Appear as they Belong on Bike – Tight, Snug Fitting

* Easy to Fit


THE LATCH  – When designing this rubber latch, it was realized it also had to deflect the blast of water from the rear tire that targeted the 50 – 60mm part line area at the rear of the Aeroclam forcing it’s way into the storage area. The latch also had to be strong and durable in composition, UV resistant, easy to operate open/close, and fix securely as to not pop open in the harshest possible conditions.
The ‘button over’ system was used to accommodate these attributes.
Even if one latch button isn’t secured correctly by the user, the remaining button will hold the Aeroclam’s content from spilling onto the road.
When testing the durability of the latch, one of the tests was to slide the latch eyelets over the buttons over 500 times. This equates to 250 punchers and the rubber held it composition perfectly. We also wanted to test the UV resistance of the rubber used on the latch so on November 13’ when we received the first batch of rubber latches I mounted one to a clam and sat it outside in the fierce north facing New Zealand UV sun [It’s still there August 2014]. It’s perfect after nearly a year of being exposed to nature’s elements. The average expensive road bike would never have this sort of UV exposure unless parked in direct apartment/garage sunlight.

The rubber latch can be purchased separately as some customers need this Peace of Mind when ordering Aeroclams. Should the rubber latch ever fail, it can be replaced unlike the zippers on the canvas saddlebags.

The Rubber Latch and Plastic Retainer Clip can be bought separately

There is also a weather step/ridge to prevent water entering the Aeroclam. There are also very generous drain holes at the front of the Aeroclam at the lowest point to ensure any water that may somehow enter quickly drains out.
Making these drain holes was one of the first design considerations.

Weather step/ridge and wide covering Rubber Latch prevent water entering the Aeroclam

THE MOUNTING CLAMP  – The Aeroclam is solidly secured to the seat rails by a tough reinforced glass filled nylon clamp and attached by a single 5mm cap screw that threads into a captive Nylock Nut mounted within the reinforced clamp.
There are Concaves at the ends of the clamp for great ‘bind’ on the saddle rails. These stop any ‘slipping’ of the Aeroclam from it’s correct mounting position while in operation. The saddle rails also seat into ribbed pads mounted in the top section of the clam so are effectively ‘sandwiched’ tightly between the clamp and the top section of the Aeroclam.
There is no annoying movement and certainly No rider bodily contact between rider/Aeroclam in use.

However, on smaller diameter steel rails there will be some ‘side to side’ movement at the rear of the Aeroclam once tightened. This is because I designed the top section of the Aeroclam to ‘bottom out’ on the well supported mounting bridge instead of where the rails meet the ribbed pads.
I did this to prevent distortion of the top section if over tightened. Please do not continue to tighten the clamp to eliminate this as damage to the clamp may occur. I have included this information in the very detailed and Illustrative instrictions supplied with the Aeroclams.

The Aeroclams tuck well in out of the way. There is no bodily contact with the rider

Because the Aeroclams are solid mounted, they’re also silent in operation. They simply become a forgotten part of the cycle until they’re needed to be accessed for a puncher. You don’t even know they’re there.

INTERNAL RATTLING – Very slight compression of the content keeps everything tight and free of movement with no annoying rattling.
I’ve designed the content to be loaded accordingly. Please check the FAQ NO:2 https://cyckit.com/faq/
All these PDF’s come printed with the Aeroclam and are very illustrative and easy to follow. I designed/drew these so an 85 year old Grandma could install.

MOVEMENT With the thinner steel/chrome rails there is slight ‘side to side’ movement of the Aeroclam once tightened but this is completely normal as I designed the top section of the Aeroclam to ‘bottom out’ on the Mounting Bridge of the top section instead of placing all the load on the area of the saddle rails and causing the top sections to Distort when tightened.
This is not so noticable on the carbon rails as these are thicker in diameter, therefore tightening more on the rails.
Please DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN trying to eliminate the side to side movement mentioned as you’ll damage the mounting clamp!

PLASTIC COMPOSITIONAlthough very expensive to make the injection molds, High Impact 1.5mm Injection Molded Plastic was the obvious choice of material for the Aeroclams being strong & light as well as having the option of being moulded into a desired aesthetic shapes.
There are a number of grades plastic to consider and generally the heaver the tougher.
We were always weight conscious in Plastic choice/design so chose a good quality tough grade plastic with an acceptable weight factor. Plastic is also waterproof, UV resistant, easy to clean and can be molded to almost any shape required. If somehow water does enter the Aeroclam, it won’t stay sodden like the canvas saddle bags. There is also ample drainage via holes on the underside lowest points to allow efficient drainage. Drainage was a priority consideration before designing the Aeroclam to be waterproof.

Another aspect we did much development on was the percentages of glassfiber within  the plastic.
Not enough glassfiber in the plastic and the top sections distorted once tightened.
Too much glassfiber in the top sections and they became brittle and snapped the hinge + weight increased.
So there was a careful balance on these percentages.

RATTLING  – Packed correctly the Aeroclam won’t rattle. The use the supplied bike tube sleeves over the multitool to nullify any rattling.

Use the Rubber Sleeve over Multitool to stop ‘Hard on Hard’ contact

X TWO TIRE LEVERS – these are supplied with the Aeroclams and are available if more are required

X Two Levers supplied Free with Aeroclam Kit

INFLATORS – Many of the smaller Inflators will fit inside the Smaller Bottom Section. Any Inflators will fit inside the Larger Bottom Section due to the extra space within.

Any Smaller Inflators can be used within the Smaller Bottom Section

SLIMLINE MULTITOOL – Why the Slimline Multitool?
Designing the Aeroclams was an unknown and manufacturing from injected moulded plastic had never been done before, so there were a number of unknowns, and one of these was how much content weight could the Aeroclam take before it fatigued around the mounting bridge and cracked? Only time would tell after use on all terrains.

Cyckit’s Slimline Multitool

This is why a very lightweight and simple Multitool was conservatively used.
I wanted to make sure there was going to be no problems for at least three years and so far there has never been a failure due to content weight.

Another reason the Slimline Multitool was used was Aesthetics. It’s the compact and integrated Aesthetics of the Aeroclams customers love and even adding a few millimeters to the lower Multitool cavity has quite an influence on the bulk appearance of the Aeroclam.

Since I’ve added the Large Bottom Section to the range of products, there is more than enough room for larger heavier Multitools along with other load combinations to be used.

But whatever load combination is used, any unwanted extra space must be filled and this can be done by adding Latex Gloves or a rolled piece of plastic Lunch Wrap. This works very well as it’s compressible and easily available.