FIZIK Arione Saddle


The P1 Aeroclam fits the Arione Saddle

The P1 Aeroclam fits the Arione Saddle

Slight Overlap

Slight Overlap

Caynon Bike - Shawn Walbeck - P1

Caynon Bike – Shawn Walbeck – P1

Above is a P2 Aeroclam that was fitted to a Fizik Arione saddle. The owner shaved back the original Fizik mounting system on the underside. As a result managed a nicer and closer fit to the saddle.
The Fizik mounting system is rarely used and shaving it back does not effect the strength of the saddle, so a modification worth considering.


The P1 Aeroclam fits the Arione saddles and mounts securely + performs perfectly.

There is no rider/bodily contact whatsoever.

We have plenty of cyclists use the P1 Aeroclam on their Arione saddles and love the combination.

The only issue is an aesthetic one as the Arione tappers toward the rear of the saddle and the Aeroclam overlaps slightly being designed for conventional saddles.

A small pointer, but worth mentioning.

Massively Expensive to make the Aeroclams but if I get enough enquiries about a custom Aeroclam specifically for the FIZIK Aronie Saddle, I’ll make one depending if the volumes are there.

Can you please Register Your Interest with an Email? All you need to do is Type FIZIK Arione in the title –
Thanks, Pat