Blair – Mission Bay, Auckland, New Zealand


Here’s some feedback:

Setup – setup is pretty easy.  Clear, illustrated instructions meant that I had the Aeroclam attached in about 15 minutes (would’ve been quicker if I didn’t try attaching it at night, in bad light).

Waterproof – the Aeroclam has kept my kit dry even in some pretty heavy Auckland downpours.  Not a drop of water has gotten inside.

Style – the styling of the Aeroclam is very cool.  As the name suggests, it’s ‘Aero’, so it tucks underneath the saddle, out of the way where it doesn’t cause any drag.

Rider experience – when riding I don’t even notice the Aeroclam is there.  My kit fits snugly inside so there’s no noise from equipment banging together which also means my kit is kept in good condition.  The Aeroclam is also securely fastened so it doesn’t move around when riding.    

Other peoples response – Most people don’t notice the Aeroclam until I’ve shown them and then they realize I don’t have a big canvas saddlebag attached to my seatpost.  Everyone I’ve shown likes the look of the Aeroclam and thinks it’s a great product.

Comparison to canvas saddlebag – canvas bags get wet, zips rust and/or break, attachment mechanisms break and they move around when you’re riding.  All of these are drawbacks of using saddlebags which the Aeroclam overcomes.  The Aeroclam is vastly better.

Anything the Aeroclam lacked – No, it does a superb job.



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