1. Will the Aeroclam fit my saddle? – [Please open image below in New Window ]

Saddle Info - 29th May 17'

The Aeroclam is designed to be as Universal as possible and to date, between the P1 and P2 Aeroclams they fit over 100 brands and model saddles but there are some saddle brands they won’t fit. Please check PDF link above.

We’re always keen to expand our knowledge of what saddle brands/models the Aeroclam does fit and we haven’t yet fitted to so please email us if you have a saddle brand/model not mentioned in the PDF.

2. Will the content rattle in the Aeroclam being hard plastic?

If the content is compressed packed as per instructions with the supplied rubber sleeve over the CO2 canister, there is no  rattling.

When we designed the clam we designed it around the use of the medium inflators on the market, like the Lezyne inflator seen here.

If you use smaller sized inflators, it’s recommended to slide a small piece of old tube over the inflator.

Suggestion; If you have your own content combination that differs from what the Aeroclam is designed, that’s fine. But you may need to use plastic lunch wrap [Glad Wrap as it’s called here in New Zealand] to fill any gaps. 
Terrible stuff used as disposable wrapping, but excellent in this situation.

Picture 7

Picture 12

3. Is the Aeroclam Waterproof?

In normal and even extreme weather situations the Aeroclam will keep content dry.

The latch area blasted with a hight pressure hose did let a trickle of water run down the inside of the calm and straight out the drain holes. Before the Aeroclam was designed to be watertight, it was designed with ample drainage as well as rail impressions for the multitool to sit on preventing the tool from ever getting wet should water ever enter the clam somehow.


4. Why the rubber latch setup to open and close the Clam?

When validating the market option for this Aeroclam product, the awkwardness and failure of zippers was one of the main complaints with cyclists.

So this was one of the things we decided to eliminate along with the degradable, unattractive, dirty, water sodden canvas material and paint rubbing velcro straps.

5. Will the Latch be up to the job of the zipper?

The latch is more than up to the job of the zipper. It is made of very durable rubber that has excellent UV qualities.

The latch eyelets also have to be stretched over the plastic buttons with some resistance so will not pop undone in motion as long as they are secured/seated properly in the first place. When testing the durability of the rubber eyelets I personally slid the latch over the plastic buttons over 500 times. This equates to 250 punctures and the rubber compound held it’s composition perfectly.

If by some chance one of the eyelets isn’t seated correctly and comes off, the other eyelet will hold the content from falling onto the road. The amount of resistance needed to slide the latch eyelet over the plastic button is manageable and very quick compared to using a zipper.

If, for some reason the latch does eventually fail, it can be bought as a separate component and easily fitted by anyone. When your zipper fails, you buy a new saddle bag.

6. How is the Aeroclam attached to the cycle? How easy is it to attach and is this system very secure?

The Aeroclam is attached by a single 5mm bolt via a tough reinforced plastic clamp that clamps over the seat rails and is very secure.

This system is designed to be permanent and secure as one of the complaints we had in our pre-product market validation was saddlebag movement connecting with the cyclists body in motion.

On some saddle brands and models it’s possible to fit the Aeroclam within 60 seconds. Some saddle brands/models may require sliding forward on the saddle rails to allow enough room for fitting. Mark the position of the saddle on the rails before doing this.

Remember this only has to be fitted once. Remember to mark the saddle position on the saddle rails before removing. This can be done with a ballpoint pen or the smallest dot from a marker pen.


7. Why can’t I buy the Aeroclam in retail stores?

We’re trying to distribute globally but distributors are more interested in large range products. If you want to see the Aerocam in your local bike shop, send us their details and we’ll contact them.

8. I use a Fly6 rear view video/tail light, will the Aeroclam obstruct it’s use?

There is more than enough room under the Aeroclam to mount the Fly6 video camera/taillight onto your saddle post.

In fact, being able to use the Aeroclam with the Fly6 is a selling point for us.

Fly6 Website below



9. What is the difference between the P1 and P2 Aeroclam?

The difference between P1 & P2 is the contour on the top edge of the top section of the Aeroclam [as seen in Youtube video below]. While the P1 fits more saddle brands and models, the P2 fits the larger saddle brands like Specialized and Selle Italia. P1 also fits the Specialized Romin range, so there is a bit of crossover.

Difference between P1 [above] and P2 [below]

P1 - Side View

P2 - Side View

10. Larger Bottom Section – X two Tubes and Canisters